Facilitation of exchanges between corporations and citizens

  Do you need advice on negotiating complex political issues?

  Do you intend to establish a consultative or participative procedure?

  Is your organisation seeking for help in disseminating information on sensitive matters?

With my political background, and as a trained systemic negotiator, I can help to create consensus finding procedures on issues of local concern such as planning issues, multicultural coexistence, security or any other matter which might cause a conflict of interests.

"Working together creates more lasting, effective solutions.”

Decision-making processes empower corporations to develop effective, lasting solutions to common problems in a time of increasing complexity and accelerating change. I can help by bringing people together in order to encourage them to contribute ideas towards constructive problem solving. 


Maja Leu, Avocate médiatriceFSM-SDM

Maja Leu
Legal mediator SFM
Professional coach